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Turnkey Project of Groundnut Oil Making Plant

The groundnut, which is called the earthnut or peanut as well, is a very essential food crop and oil seed around the all world due to its taunt trade and highly nutritional values.

Oil rate: general 40% to 45% oil, some even can contain up to 50%.

Production of Groundnut Oil Making Plant

The groundnut oil is obtained by storing, cleaning, crushing, flaking, steam cooking, oil pressing, oil filtering processing, or by solvent extraction of the raw materials. By using our groundnut oil processing line, you could get high quality and high nutritional oil and cake. The cake, as we all know, can be good feed for some livestock. We could also provide small scale, medium scale and large scale groundnut oil processing mill plant according to customers’ different requirements.


Turnkey Groundnut Oil Making Plant

(The capacity of the groundnut oil making plant ranges from 10TPD to 5000TPD)

In addition, our machine is not only suitable for peanut, but also applicable to other raw materials, such as sunflower seed, soybean, canola/rapeseed, cottonseed, castor, mustard seed, copra, palm kernel, corn germ, sesame, flax seed, and so on. We could design special oil processing for each customer according to the different features of the different raw materials.

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