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New waste tire refining technology

Now the new waste tire refining process: the tire is cracked to generate oil and gas, and then cooled to become liquid fuel. As for the polluting waste gas generated in the process, it is treated with environmental protection equipment equipped with closed refinery equipment to ensure no pollution. No black smoke, no smell, meet the national environmental standards.

  Waste tire refining equipment advantages:

  1. It adopts micro-negative pressure technology and safety alarm device, and the safety facilities are complete.

  2, equipped with a complete environmental protection device, the entire refining process, no black smoke and no smell, easily passed the EIA.

  3, unique decolorization and deodorization design, low cost, to solve the color and odor of the product.

  4. The oil yield is on average 40% higher.

  5. Reasonable design, advanced manufacturing technology and high degree of automation.

  6, a wide range of uses, can be used in one machine.


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