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How to get the oil from the tires?

Today, more and more used tires are being used to refine tire oil. The reasons are as follows: First, the used tire refining oil does not cause pollution to the environment. Second, the use of used tires to refine oil will produce benefits. Since the used tire refining oil has such an advantage, how do the used tires refine the oil? And how to deal with the oil extracted from the tires?

  Waste tire refining to make oil process technology process:

  1. Collect and dispose of used tires scattered around the country. Smaller used tires can be fed through the automatic feeder. Larger used tires can be fed after cutting by cutting machine.

  2. After the waste tires are fed, it is a key step: heating pyrolysis. At this stage, oil and gas are produced.

  3. After the heating process of the used tire refining oil is finished, it is the cooling stage, and the oil and gas coming out can be condensed into oil.

  4. In the process of refining oil from used tires, flammable but non-condensable gases are also produced. This gas can heat the pyrolysis reactor to save fuel.

  5. The whole heating and pyrolysis process of the waste tire refining oil is finished, that is, carbon black and steel wire slag.


  Tire oil application:

  1. It can be used as fuel for combustion in hydropower plants, steel plants, boilers, etc.

  2, can be refined into non-standard diesel, used in heavy machinery, engines, diesel generators and so on.

  The extraction of used tires into oil is a sustainable development method. It can not only dispose of used tires, but also alleviate the pollution caused by improper ways of used tires. It can also bring social, economic and environmental benefits. Waste tire refining oil is a manifestation of resource recycling and harmlessness.

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